Our team grows!

Published June 1, 2023

Mondro is proud to announce that on June 1, 2023, three additional directors have been appointed to the board.

Mehdi Alami Hassani

Mehdi Alami H.

VP Commercial

Mehdi Alami Hassani will take the position of VP Commercial, leading all sales and marketing efforts. Mehdi’s experience includes several years in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical market, working in close collaboration with physicians and pharmacists. He has a very human approach to work, making him a perfect candidate to build solid and lasting relationships with business owners. Mehdi holds two Bachelor degrees from Université de Montréal, both in biological sciences, a post-graduate degree in drug development, as well as an MBA from Université du Quebec a Montréal.

Marcelle Allen-Lefebvre

VP Legal

Marcelle Allen-Lefebvre will take the position of VP Legal and Secretary with Mondro, ensuring that business governance and contractual relationships are well managed. With her rigorous and methodical approach to work, combined with years of experience within tax departments, Marcelle will excel in her roles at Mondro. Marcelle holds a Bachelor of Laws from Université de Montréal, a Master degree in Fiscal Law from Université de Sherbrooke and is a member in good standing of the Bar of Québec.

Arthur Slodzinski

Arthur Slodzinski

VP Digital

Arthur Slodzinski will take the position of VP Digital, leading all digital initiatives internal to Mondro as well as with customers. Arthur is an accomplished business owner and a self-taught digital integrator. His extensive specialized experience puts him in a unique position to help implement digital initiatives within construction, plumbing and electricity companies.

Mat Kuczera

Mat Kuczera

Founder & President

After several years of industrial experience in large corporations, Mat Kuczera began Mondro with the intent of sharing experiences from large companies with smaller SMBs. Mat has worked on several projects in large businesses in operations, quality, supply management, continuous improvement, change management, project management, product development, big data analysis, digital transformation, customer support, and product strategy. While gaining his experience, Mat has completed a Bachelor and Master in Engineering as well as an MBA. He is part of the Order of Engineers of Quebec and is a Project Management Professional.

Together, Mehdi, Arthur and Mateusz will steer Mondro towards growth through 2023 and beyond!

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