Business Transfer

In a time where business ownership demographics will dramatically shift, Mondro helps current business owners prepare their company for a transfer and accompanies the new owners until they are comfortable managing the business independently. This structured transfer of ownership increases business value, minimizes risk for continued operations and significantly accelerates the overall project execution. Our intermediaries are members in good standing of IBBA and IBBA Canada, ensuring best practices will be applied to all business transfers.


of Canadian medium-business owners are more than 50 years old – Forbes


of business owners will need to transfer their businesses in the next 5 years – BDC

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Quebec businesses will need to be transferred yearly – BDC


We start by ensuring your business is attractive to the newer, more digitalized, generation through modern digital tools. If all the tools are in place and function well, we continue by documenting how those tools are used and how you run your business. In other words, we create instructions to document your processes. With tools and documented processes in place, your business can be learned by an eventual buyer.


But how much is your business worth? To give the best value assessment to your business, we start by valuating it based on its financial results. But a well structured, efficient, effective and digitized company is more ready for growth than one which is not. This increases the value tremendously and we take that into consideration when forecasting future income.

Listing and Sale

Once digitization and valuation are completed, it is time to put the company on the market. After listing the business, we take the time to identify, quality, and educate buyers to ensure they are a serious prospect before introducing them to you. And when a buyer is found, we accompany you and the buyer through the transition to ensure it is well executed.

Post-sale Management Support

After all the paperwork is signed, we stick around for as long as you need. With our prior knowledge of the company we helped prepare for transfer, we will continue to support you as the new owner to ensure things are running smoothly. And if you feel overwhelmed, we can even help lighten the load by providing management support services. Ownership transfer with Mondro is done holistically, taking into consideration all aspects of your business, and resulting in a turnkey project.