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Planning for Business Growth

Gurjit bursts into Malia’s office and cheerfully shouts “Plumworks went bankrupt!” Malia quickly grabs her seat’s armrests, pushes herself back and says “whoa, Gur! Relax! What’s going on?” “They’re closing!” adds Gurjit. “Can you believe it? The largest plumbing service provider in the city is closing!” “Huh,” replies Malia, releasing […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Software Application – Customer Management and Marketing

“James, Samantha from Highrize management is calling again,” chats Berny to James. “She wants to know what the status of the main breaker repair is.” “What main breaker?” replies James. “She hasn’t called me for like a week.” “The one we discussed two days ago, remember?” confirms Berny. “You said […]